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Simply Pets Dermacool 1kg Tub

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Available in 1kg tubs

This food is pork based. Low fat but not as low as X-Factor. Very cooling to the system. Added cucumber, celery and peppermint cools body further.

Since both Dermacool and X-Factor support the treatment of toxic heat conditions they can both be used in any toxic heat situation such as skin allergies, acute viral conditions, diabetes, cystitis, otitis, chronic pyodermas, bad breath, and incluing many cancers that have a toxic heat component. Pork acts as a spleen, stomach and kidney Qi tonic. Can help break down tumors.

INGREDIENTS: No grains artificial colours and flavours. Pork muscle meat, pork organs, ground bone, fresh seasonal raw vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, coconut oil, fresh herbs and spices, apple cider vinegar, grape seed extract, Himalayan salt, amino acid chelated zinc, manganese sulphate and vitamin E.

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