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  • Gastro-intesinal Health 
  • Healthy Skin & Coat
  •  Joint Support
  •  Immune Support

Available exclusively from Veterinarians and Vet Shops

VetsBrands believe that optimal nutrition is an integral part of your dog’s health and that nutritional advice should only be given by a highly trained professional, such as your veterinarian, to make sure that all factors regarding your pet’s health is taken into account.

For this reason, the VetsBrands range for dog food is available exclusively from veterinarians and vet owned vet shops and will not be sold via any other channel.

Gastro-intestinal Health

Aids in the maintenance of gastro-intestinal health by the inclusion of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) by stimulating the growth of benificial bifidobacteria and lactobacillus plantarium populations in the intestine, also helps prevent the attachment of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall.

Healthy Skin & Coat

The protein contains essential amino acids for skin & coat maintenance, whereas essential fatty acids, such as omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, can promote texture and barrier properties and helps promote healthy skin & supple coat.

Joint Support

Glucosamine can be beneficial in maintaining a puppy’s joint health and ensuring that they are mobile and active, by enhancing strength and mobility.

Immune Support

Immuno-stimulants help to stimulate your puppy's immune system so he can fight off disease quickly and effectively. VetsBrands contains beta-glucans, which assists in the reaction rate of the immune system to infectious challenges and functions as one of the more potent stimulators of the immune response.


Food intake will vary depending on the size, breed, age, condition and activity of your puppy as well as climatic conditions. Feed to maintain ideal body weight. Feed half of the daily requirement in the morning and the rest in the evening. 

Limit supplements of table scraps, other vitamins or minerals as these may cause nutritional imbalances. When changing your dogs diet from one brand of dog food to another it is recommended to do so gradually to prevent gastro-intestinal upset.

Some dogs may be allergic to the protein or starch sources in this diet. If your puppy shows any signs of skin allergies or gastro-intestinal upset when eating this diet, it is recommended that you discuss the possibility of food related allergies with your veterinarian. VetsBrands highly recommends that the vaccination schedule and health checks recommended by your veterinarian be strictly adhered to, so as to ensure the optimal health of your puppy.

Ensure that your puppy has access to clean fresh water at all times.     

Weight of dog when adult (kg)

2 months (g/day)

6 months (g/day) 9 months (g/day)

12 months (g/day)

5 - 10

120 - 200

125 - 215 120 - 210


10 - 20

200 - 340

215 - 360 210 - 350


20 - 30

340 - 460

350 - 490 350 - 470

320 - 435