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Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

What is a Raw Diet?

Back to basics

Domesticated cats and dogs have the same physiological make-up as their wild ancestors.  For thousands of years, their GI tracts, along with their dietary needs, have remained unchanged.  Our pets are therefore optimised to digest raw, unprocessed meat-based diets.

Why then, are we feeding them cooked, highly processed, cereal-based diets?  Sadly, the answers are cost, convenience, clever marketing and misinformation.  Effectively, we’re feeding our pets a staple diet of “fast food” – and, while they might survive (and sometimes even seem to thrive) on this diet, it does cause toxic build-up and many forms of dis-ease over time.  Even though some of these foods are “balanced” in a nutritional sense, many of those nutrients are lost during processing and after.  Additionally, the digestibility of certain ingredients is a real issue - and some of them are downright harmful (e.g. GMO-laden cereals).

Fortunately, there is a better way…

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food / Bone And Raw Food (BARF)
diets are designed to mimic the natural diet of our animal friends.   These diets are species-appropriate, only using wholesome, nourishing ingredients that dogs and cats are able to efficiently digest and utilise throughout their lives.  It takes into account that cats are obligate carnivores (requiring meat only), while dogs are omnivore carnivores (requiring meat as well as plant matter). 

Raw bones form an integral part of BARF diets and we highly recommend them as part of the Simply Pets Raw Food Diet.