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Raw Bones

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An essential part of the Simply Pets Raw Food Diet

Simply Pets Raw Bones for DogsUnlike cooked bones, raw bones are pliable, i.e. they bend.  They are not brittle and do not splinter or form obstructions.  The chewing of bones promotes saliva flow, aids general digestion and cleans the teeth.  It also keeps the gut healthy and the anal glands empty.

Chewing a raw bone at least three times a week can prevent serious gum disease, which can also lead to infections throughout the body.  

WARNING! NEVER feed cooked or baked bones, as they can splinter and pierce internal organs!

Simply Pets sells raw bones in 1kg batches.  We also sell free range /organic chicken necks and wings (whole or minced) for smaller dogs and cats.  The recommended amount to feed is 100g bone per 10kg body weight, per day. This can be given daily - or proportionally divided up 3 to 4 times a week for convenience.  Larger bones can therefore be given less frequently - but you should aim to feed bones at least three times per week.

Did you know…

The act of chewing on raw bones releases endorphins, creating a happy (even euphoric) state.  They’re great for mental stimulation and for strengthening teeth, jaws and gut muscles too. They even help to keep the anal glands clear – no more awkward trips to the vet!