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Pets health improves when diet changed to raw dog food
Zgi Zgee Prinsloo

Until 18 months ago, 11 year old Dachsie Zgi Zgee Prinsloo had become pretty miserable.  She couldn’t keep her kibble down, her skin allergies were driving her nuts, and to top it all off, she was overweight.  Put yourself in her paws and life must have seemed quite unbearable at times. Cindi ~ George, Western Cape

On the recommendation of Dr Anuska Viljoen of Simply Vets, Zgi Zgee’s owners agreed to switch her to a RAW diet.  Today, the little Dachshund is thriving!  Her eyes are brighter, she no longer has any problems with her digestion (in fact, her poos are fewer and less smelly too) and her skin allergies have disappeared.  She has also lost all her excess fat, which was in fact her body’s way of keeping toxins as far away from her organs as possible.

But as they say, that’s not all…

What her owners were not aware of when they first switched to RAW, was that Zgi Zgee had a malignant tumor growing just above her vulva.  Fortunately, she was already a few months into her new, non-inflammatory diet when the tumor was detected, diagnosed and removed - leaving only a scar and no trace of the cancer!  

Zgi Zgee’s owners, Cindi and Florus, are thrilled with her health. Says Cindi: “The RAW food diet is absolutely amazing.  She cannot wait to eat in the morning and afternoon, and will come to remind us when it’s feeding time.  Overall, the RAW has done wonders for her health.”



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  sp07       "I've had my cats on raw before, but haven't tried Simply Pets yet. Gave them the Wild last evening and they both took to it immediately, without even checking it out. And then there was a SUDDEN change in Buttons, who came to snuggle with me and Buddy on the couch. She is so, so chilled. Has never done that before. She's never been particularly skittish, but the change in her demeanour is amazing! Buddy was even licking her while she was on my lap. Crazy..."
Karen - Knysna, November 2020