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Pets health improves when diet changed to raw dog food
Zgi Zgee Prinsloo

Wet-nose healthy on her RAW diet

Until 18 months ago, 11 year old Dachsie Zgi Zgee Prinsloo had become pretty miserable.  She couldn’t keep her kibble down, her skin allergies were driving her nuts, and to top it all off, she was overweight.  Put yourself in her paws and life must have seemed quite unbearable at times. Cindi ~ George, Western Cape

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A Yorkie Chronic Inflammatory Bowel sufferer

Chronic Inflammatory Bowel sufferer for 6 years before starting Raw: He is now 9 years and much better: Poenie is a new dog - full of energy, with a good appetite!!!!!! Sometimes (once in 2 weeks?) he still has stomach discomfort, but it don't last longer than a day. Sometimes is still struggling with acid refluxes from time to time. I give him the homeopathic remedy then. ~ Antoinett, Potchefstroom, North West Province

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