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Best Raw Food Diet

Peace of mind

Just as there are significant differences between the formulations and quality of the various kibble brands, there are also significant differences between the various raw food products available.  Simply Pets Raw Food is the first and only veterinary formulated raw food in South Africa, using only the highest quality ingredients for optimal health.

Because all of our products are 100% balanced, there is no need for additional supplementation.  You can rest assured that your animal friend is getting his or her best chance at health!

Veterinary input and support

The Simply Pets Raw Food range was originally developed, by Dr Anuska Viljoen, as a primary treatment in dealing with various ailments in cats or dogs.  Due to popular demand, the foods became available on a commercial basis, giving more pets access to the undeniable benefits of a perfectly balanced raw diet.   However, Dr Anuska is still very much involved in the production of the foods.  She is also available to assist and support her customers making the transition to raw feeding.      


Simply Pets is an eco-conscious company that conforms to green practices throughout our operations.  We choose to minimise our impact on the Earth in every conceivable manner and we are always open to new ideas on how we can further improve in this regard.