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Healthy Food, Eco-Friendly, Natural Products for Cats and Dogs
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Sunday, 25 September 2016
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Your health and that of your companion is our main concern


paw bullet Natural Raw & Health Food for Animals & People

paw bullet Natural Medicines & Products for Pets & People

paw bullet Homeopathy for Animals

paw bullet Natural Dog and Cat Health

paw bullet Holistic Pet Care

paw bullet Top Quality Beds, Bowls & Accessories

Dr.AV with BeetlegeuseHolistic and Intergrative Medicine Veterinarian, Acupuncturist, Healer & owner of Simply Pets Veterinary Health Shop

Anuska is a Holistic Practitioner in the true sense of the word. She integrates her extensive knowledge in conventional medicine and surgery, with complementary medicine and esoterics. She has a post graduate honours degree in Small Animal Medicine, Anaesthesiology and Clinical Pathology. She is a Veterinary Homeopath and Acupuncturist. She is a trained Crystal Healer, Journey Therapist and Reiki practitioner. She has done courses in clinical nutrition, homotoxicology, herbal medicine, plant, crystal and environmental essence therapy, magnetic therapy and various self improvement and spiritual practices.

Dr Anuska is passionate about balance in life. She feels that it is everyone’s right to be happy and healthy and to look after their children, companions and mother earth as best they can. "You can only do what you know to do." For this reason she would like to help educate the world in what they can do to help create balance in their lives.

RAW Diet Testemonials

Read feedback regarding our RAW Diet below or CLICK HERE to read more about the RAW Diet:

About two weeks ago i changed my yorkie's diet from Royal Canine to raw food diet…well i am really surprised at how smoothly the change over went…he had absolutely NO side effects and took to it like a duck to water! He is now only eating raw food and is doing really well…my vet, Dr Anushka Viljoen also made is super easy with all her knowledge and information and assistance…one can buy the food pre made and packaged at no more than what my Royal Canine was costing!! thank you so much for all the help and assistance…my yorkie is doing great and looking good! ~ Leoné

Just want to let you know how Casper and Snowy are doing.  Regarding the tummy, both of them are regular and odourless as well as what I would say normal.~ Michelle, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

poenieChronic Inflammatory Bowel sufferer for 6 years before starting Raw: He is now 9 years and much better: Poenie is a new dog - full of energy, with a good appetite!!!!!! Sometimes (once in 2 weeks?) he still has stomach discomfort, but it don't last longer than a day. Sometimes is still struggling with acid refluxes from time to time. I give him the homeopathic remedy then. ~ Antoinett 


WATCH Paralysed Dachshund dog treatment with permanent acupuncture 1 of 3:

WATCH Paralysed Dachshund dog treatment with permanent acupuncture 2 of 3:

WATCH Paralysed Dachshund dog treatment with permanent acupuncture 3 of 3:

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